Cinthya Oyervides Reynoso

“My context is the body…”

I am a Mexican choreographer and performer who came to the Netherlands looking for new ways to communicate with the audience. While studying scenography in the FMI my attention has shifted form the performer’s bodies to the audience’s bodies. The constant in my work is my intention to create performances that allow the audience to experience themselves deeply through sensual experiences.

While designing experiences for an audience my drive is not the space itself, but the way space contains, conditions, shapes, and situates the audience’s bodies to produce meaning. In general, I do not think of any specific 'environment' to be crucial for the functioning of my work. Instead, each work requires a different kind of environment that depends on the type of communication I want to have with the audience.
After my studies and professional experience in the Netherlands I don’t see myself as a scenographer or choreographer, neither as a choreographer-scenographer, but more as a ‘mingled’ artist, where sensitivities form different disciplines are mixed into an artwork.