Hannes Andersson

Hannes Arvid Andersson (1985) is a Swedish born (later Spanified) audio-visual artist and researcher currently based in the Netherlands.
Inspired by artists and thinkers such Chris Salter, TeZ, Kurt Hentchläger, Gilles Deleuze and William Burroughs, he uses critical poetics (po[e]litics) and applied science fiction to explore narrative affect and interrogate the ins and outs of the multiverse. 

Hannes has studied Media Art & Technology at The Frank Mohr Institute, Academie Minerva (Netherlands) as well as Digital Film Making and Animation at SAE Barcelona (Catalonia), and his artistic work has been exhibited internationally inevents such as: Tunisian Pavillion, La Biennale di Venezia - 57th International Art Exhibition (IT),  Dark Society @ Spektrum (DE),   Globale @ZKM (DE),  Palazzo Pepoli - Museum of the History of Bologna (IT),  The Italian Ministry of Culture (CA),  Blue Metropolis Festival (CA), Mutek Festival (ES),  Festival International Mapping Girona (ES) and he was recently nominated for the Blink Youngblood Award.