Jan van Egmond

lamp + asparagus + squeegee + bicycle pump + paint roller handle = submachine gun!

Over the past two years I have rediscovered my childhood joys. I have always made absurd machines, intricate weapon designs and other crazy inventions, but never thought about incorporating them into my creative practice, until now. Rediscovering these joys triggered many beautiful ideas that I want to turn into reality. The exhibition Range displays these ideas at their finest, while the exhibition Workshop shows experiments like my Thesis Launcher and future idea designs.

One of the golden rules for my practice is whether something makes me laugh. From laughing fits to giggles, it tells me that there is something valuable. This can be an odd idea, a weird situation or something that halts me in my tracks. Something as simple as a pair of shoes filled with butter or reading a good book to a subway full of confused-looking commuters.

I think about my work as situations where one encounters the unexpected, a playground of investigation and intrigue. This also relates to my teaching practice at Minerva Art Academy, where I aim to create room for students to discover their interests and possibilities of pursuing them. My ideas of how learning and art happen are merging into next year's Pointless Course; an art course that focuses on the artistic process rather than production.

My work has matured towards a personal formal practice wherein everyday objects mix with a spark of crazy. A lot has happened since I touched a brush for the first time. Six years later, I'm not sure what kind of artist I am but I am glad to be exactly where I want to be.