The MFA Painting educates visual artists who create individual work and perform autonomous research with a view to gaining insight into new prospects for painting in a digital era on the basis of a reflective and critical attitude.

The Master Course Painting stands for the challenging and innovative potentialities of painting. Those taking part in its study programme are visual artists seeking a deepening of insight into and a specialization of their artistic practice. They prefer to commence that specialization from a fascination for painting, generally using a variety of media at the same time and side by side. The course starts with a critical reflection on existing possibilities of the student's own artistic practice in relation to painting and the interdisciplinary character of present-day art. This reflection offers new incentives and results in multidisciplinary work in the form of paintings, drawings, collages, photographs, film, three-dimensional work. What matters in the long run is making forceful images that spring from the artist's personality and the surrounding world alike.

The actual start of the artistic process takes place in the studio: the physical workplace and mental space to generate new ideas and work. This workplace will frequently extend to the public domain, as a starting point for work or as a location for experiments in the field of presentations. The master student is being offered a great deal of scope for personal course-related questions and for developing his specific quality as a visual artist. One of the factors determining that quality is the interaction between the artist's own ideas and the distinguishing characteristics of the media, genres and artistic expressions selected by him. Alignment with the curricula of the FMI Masters Interactive Media & Environments and Scenography courses offers the opportunity to examine other media with a view to applying them in the student's own work.

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