The MFA Media, Art, Design and Technology educates media artists who create interactive work and perform autonomous research into the use and application of nascent technologies in the artistic practice and the public domain on the basis of a reflective and critical attitude.

The Master Course Media, Art, Design and Technology (MADtech) stands for examining and applying new possibilities in the mixed practice of art and technology. Those taking part in its study programme are artists seeking a deepening of insight into and a specialization of their artistic practice. They commence that specialization from a fascination for electronic media, established and nascent technology. These constitute the basis for research and are the motor of experiment and reflection. Electronic media, including digital media, bring together art and technology as a metamedium. By establishing a dialogue with the selected technology and his environment, the artist contributes to the realization of a work of art, e.g., a spatial or interactive installation, sound work, social intervention, an object, robot or sculpture, performance, co-creation project, internet-based work, screen-based work, artistic software, wearable interface or an AR-work.

The technological field of research includes media, networks, hardware and software, sound, mobile and cordless technology, robotica, sensoring, augmented reality and the virtual space. The master student commences his creative research and process in a laboratory-like environment, letting the work of art enter into the confrontation with the environment at a later stage. The views and strategies thus acquired find applications in private and public spaces, festivals, or serve to boost practical applications. One of the factors determining the quality of his artistry is the interaction between his own ideas and the distinguishing characteristics of the media and contexts selected by him. Alignment with the curricula of the FMI Masters Painting and Scenography courses offers the student the opportunity to examine other media with a view to applying them in his own work. In addition, it is possible to co-operate with other courses offered by Hanze University, such as sensor technology, engineering and ICT.

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